elementary school children

A major goal of REDY is to continually promote the presence of research on education at Duke University. REDY is partnering with scholars throughout the Duke University community who study education. The research focus within REDY is broad and encompasses many aspects of children’s schooling and development. Studies focus on disparities in achievement by race, class, and gender, the role of parents and teachers in schools, determinants of educational outcomes, and the implications of educational factors for various life-chance outcomes for both children and young adults.

Achievement in the Global Context

Project Manager:  Jackie Terrell

This project will examine the attitudes and behaviors of non-U.S. populations compared to U.S. populations.

Bahamas – Angel Harris, Project Leader

A gap analysis of school related attitudes and behaviors of native and immigrant Bahamian youth.

California – Kamilah Legette, Project Leader

A gap analysis of school-related attitudes and behaviors of Latino, Black and White youth.

China - Tony Tong, Project Leader

Chinese Family involvement and student achievement

Hawaii – Emily Persons, Project Leader

Micronesian and native Hawaiian achievement

South Africa - Jarron Bowman, Graduate Project Leader

Gap analysis of school-related attitudes and behaviors of South African youth.