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A major goal of REDY is to continually promote the presence of research on education at Duke University. REDY is partnering with scholars throughout the Duke University community who study education. The research focus within REDY is broad and encompasses many aspects of children’s schooling and development. Studies focus on disparities in achievement by race, class, and gender, the role of parents and teachers in schools, determinants of educational outcomes, and the implications of educational factors for various life-chance outcomes for both children and young adults.

Educational Achievement in the Global Context

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Nurturing for a Bright Tomorrow (NBT)

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REDY, Set, Start:  School Readiness for All (RSS)

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Research Briefs (In- Progress)


“An Observational Overview of PreKindergarten Students”

“Evaluating Teacher Implementation of a Gifted Identification Intervention for Underserved Students in North Carolina”

“Evaluating the Fidelity of Implementation of Nurturing for a Bright Tomorrow on Gifted Identification of Underrepresented Students in North Carolina”

“Strategies for Identifying Gifted and Talented Minority Students in North Carolina:  Nurturing for a Bright Tomorrow”

“Nurturing for a Bright Tomorrow:  Program Analysis”

“The Cost of Missed Opportunity:  The Need for Human and Capital Investment in Early Childhood Education in North Carolina”

“The Language of School Readiness”