Staff Notes


Angel L. Harris, Director

Contact:; 681-4976

Angel is Professor of sociology and African & African American Studies at Duke University. His research interests include social inequality, policy, and education. He has published several articles and book chapters on the racial achievement gap. Angel is the author of Kids Don’t Want to Fail (Harvard University Press), which provides an in-depth quantitative assessment of whether youth from marginalized groups purposefully resist schooling in both the United States and the United Kingdom. He is also the author of The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement with Children’s Education (with Keith Robinson, Harvard University Press), which examines the link between parenting and youths’ schooling outcomes.

Jackie Terrell, Project Manager and Coordinator

Contact:; 681-4976

Jackie serves as the program manager and coordinator for REDY. She joined Duke in 1999 and worked for the Masters of Public Policy (MPP) and Ph.D. programs at the Sanford School of Public Policy. She also worked as program manager at the Research Network on Racial and Ethnic Inequality. Jackie received the Duke University Black Graduate and Professional Student Association Julian Abele Achievement “Administrator of the Year” Award in 2004-2005 and the Duke University and Health System Blue Ribbon “Diversity” Award in 2010. She is a founding and current board member of the Central Park School for Children. 

Research Staff


Cokie Caviness, Researcher


Cokie received her B.A. in Sociology from Duke University in 2017 and serves as a research aide. Her research interests include the gap between scientific research and public knowledge, specifically in education and public health. She hopes to research helpful teaching methods that can be directly applied in educational training.

Virginia Eanes, Trainer


Virginia has 25 years of experience in the field of early childhood education, and is a co-founder of the Children's House Montessori School in Burlington, NC. She also has extensive experience working with children of Special Needs and autism. Virginia joined the REDY team in early 2017, and her research interests are focused on how strong early language acquisition helps to close the achievement gap. She serves in the capacity of a Teacher Trainer for the Pre-K Thinking Skills component of the REDY, Set, Start! School Readiness For All program within REDY.

Maria Febbo, Faculty Researcher

Contact: 684-8459

Maria joined the REDY team in January 2018. She spent most of her career teaching college (and continues to do so as an Instructor in the Department of Sociology at Duke University). She has also worked as a researcher for the North Carolina Department of Correction and the Wake County Public School System. Joining REDY allows her to return to her initial research interests in gender, racial, and ethnic inequality, school structures and processes, and the academic achievement gaps that persist in education.

Adrienne Fuller, Researcher


Adrienne serves as a research aide for REDY. Her research interests are centered around the well-being of children and contributing efforts made to exemplify success despite social circumstances. With the priority of school readiness in classrooms, she hopes to leave an impact in the lives of the future generation one step at a time.

Lindah Mhando, Researcher

Contact:; 681-4976

Mhando’s research interests include stratification/social inequality, cultural capital, comparative and international education, political economy of immigrant children and social movements. Her interaction with different cultures, speaking five languages and her life between three continents; Africa, Europe and the U.S, has given her a transnational and transcultural vision that is reflected in her research and teaching. She draws from frameworks in Sociology, Transnational feminism, Economics, Education, Jurisprudence, Political science, and human rights. Mhando is engaging in interdisciplinary research that examines how gender, race, class and health care shape youth aspirations and subjectivities and has evaluated social and political implication of educational outcomes that have illuminated social movements among immigrant communities across time and space.

Jennifer Wellberg


Jennifer joined REDY in March of 2018 and works primarily on the Nurturing for a Bright Tomorrow (K-2) intervention. She received a B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M University and a M.A. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Prior to joining REDY, she taught Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten for the Department of Defense Schools on Ft. Bragg, North Carolina for five years. Her research interests include early childhood development, developmentally appropriate practice, school readiness, multicultural education, and gender equality.

Summer Research Staff

Michael Darden, Masters of Public Policy 2018

Qi Guan, Masters of Public Policy 2018

Jessica Jenkins, Masters of Public Policy 2018

Celia McCrae, Undergraduate Computer Science


Faculty Affiliates

Gill Crozier, School of Education, University of Roehampton, London England

Michael Edwards, Fine Arts, University of the Bahamas

Niambi Hall-Campbell, Department of Education, University of the Bahamas

Gregory Price, Economics, Morehouse College

Rashell Smith-Spears, Associate Professor, Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages, Jackson State University

Valerie Taylor, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Spelman College

Harris Graduate Student Mentees

Jaron Bowman, 4th year Sociology graduate Student

John Bumpus, 4th year Sociology graduate student

Emily Persons, 4th year Sociology graduate student

Tony Tong, 4th year Sociology graduate student

Zimefe Umeh, 4th year Sociology graduate student