REDY: Celebrating 5 Years! Improving Outcomes for K-12 and Beyond

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to produce cutting-edge research on matters related to the education of children and young adults.  The research focus within REDY is broad and encompasses many aspects of children's schooling and development.  Studies focus on disparities in achievement by race, class and gender, the role of parents and teachers in schools, determinants of educational outcomes, and the implications of educational factors for various life-chance outcomes for both children and young adults.


REDY, Set, Start:  School Readiness for All (RSS)

School readyness lab REDYJuly 25-27, 2018

Funded by the W.K.Kellogg Foundation

The highly capable students of today are likely to become the intellectual, cultural, technological, financial, social, and scientific leaders of tomorrow. Simply put, the nation cannot afford to forfeit a single high achieving or gifted child. Nonetheless, the persistent racial achievement gap indicates that many children with untapped potential of particular backgrounds are left behind.

In order to address low achievement of youth in general, we believe educators must engage in new modes of instruction. As such, RSS is intended to improve school readiness of children ages 4-6. This project partners with classrooms in Durham, Guilford and Wake Counties in North Carolina.

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Director's Message

Angel Harris

Achievement disparities by race/ethnicity, social class, and gender are arguably the most well-known problems facing schools within the United States (U.S.). Students with higher grades or test scores are more likely to complete high school, enroll in and complete college, and attain better occupational opportunities.

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