Duke Summer Institute for Professional Studies (D-SIPS)Educator

D-SIPS is a summer program designed to help faculty and researchers grow academically and professionally, and to position them to secure funding and other support to contribute to their respective fields of study. The program is targeted toward postdoctoral fellows and faculty who face challenges in pursuing a research agenda because of higher teaching loads. D-SIPS fellows will be encouraged to further develop their research, writing, and data analysis skills. The program should improve proficiency with quantitative and qualitative methods and to provide researchers with a framework for how to conduct rigorous research more efficiently.

D-SIPS is administered through the Research on Education and Development of Youth (REDY) program and the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI).

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Director's Message

Angel Harris

Achievement disparities by race/ethnicity, social class, and gender are arguably the most well-known problems facing schools within the United States (U.S.). Students with higher grades or test scores are more likely to complete high school, enroll in and complete college, and attain better occupational opportunities.

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